The Poetry of You

The Poetry of You is a container synthesised from tarot, coaching and story telling. The intention is to gently and deeply unfold the story of you — to reclaim lost aspects, to amplify existing aspects and to birth new ones.

The Poetry of You is offered as either a three, six and twelve month container.


Each month includes:

    • a month-opener tarot reading with me to identify or clarify the story of the month, including the medicine, blessing and growth points held in that story, plus an exploration of past patterning and future potential.

Each reading is supported by:

– coaching techniques
– journalling prompts
– creative processes
– self replenishment anchor points

    • one reflective session
    • two additional weekly check ins — via text or email.
    • one group call
    • access to The Tarot Primer
    • a copy of The Tarot Primer workbook (and any other printed resources produced in that period)
    • 2 cut-up poems — one to open our container together and one to close.

Currently in pilot mode, The Poetry of You will open to the public for expressions of interest in early March 2023.

Enter the Poetry of You Portal (password protected)