The Four of Pentacles — The Gift of Limitation

The Tarot Primer 32.1

Written for the week Monday 12th – Sunday 18th June

The Fifth Spirit Tarot (first edition) by Charlie Clare Burgess

✉️ Four as Missive

🌏 The four relates to physical limitations — the limits of our body, our personal resources, the physical world. The limits of reality.

💎 It is a pause to consider what you hold close in that space. What/who is treasured. Adored. And the degree to which this is supportive, nourishing and life affirming.

🤝 Here you observe your behaviour around holding. Do you clutch and cling and hoard? Are there roots of fear or lack driving this? Or do you cradle and embrace? Are there roots of confidence and connections underpinning this?

🙏🏻 Do you trust time? And life’s divine timing?

🧭 If your values are points of a compass, what anchors your heart, body, mind and spirit. Do you know your anchors?

🧮 The four offers a chance to stocktake your personal resources — especially the less tangible of them like time, energy, agency, and love.

🗼Foundations are required to build solid and enduring structures, but if we build on the wrong foundations, we risk the long term integrity of our hard work.

🌱 The seedling that grows in fertile, cultivated ground grows differently to the one in the harsh wildness.

🪨 In the four, healthy stability and security can calcify into stubbornness, rigidity and barrenness.

🦷Our roots connect past-present-future.

☠️ Sunk deep in the past, they connect to a rich source of learning and empowerment. They can also draw up the poison of wrong turns, missed opportunities, doubt and regret.

🪴The four reminds you, plants struggle to thrive when they are root bound. It offers you secateurs to cut away what holds you back.

📖 Journal Prompts

✍🏻 Who/what/where do you treasure?

✍🏻 What word anchors/defines your heart energy?

✍🏻 What word anchors/defines your physical energy?

✍🏻 What words anchors/defines your mental energy?

✍🏻 What words anchors/defined your soul energy?

✍🏻 When combined what kind of compass does this provide for navigating a life congruent with your values?

✍🏻 Where are the drains on your money, time, love and agency? How can you make one small change to redirect the flow?

✍🏻 Where do your roots bind you? What needs to be cut away?

✍🏻 How can time act as a friend, collaborator and instigator of possibilities? If you loosen your grip, what happens? Look for the synchronicities this week.


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