Prosperity Consciousness — Doors Now Open

The first cab off my Summer Year rank is
The Prosperity Consciousness Program

Co-facilitated with my beloved friend and gifted healer Kate Wildrick
this is my newest and most exciting foray
into the power of storytelling.


About Prosperity Consciousness

Each of us has a story when it comes to how we see ourselves in relation to abundance and prosperity.  Have you ever stopped to explore yours?

For some, it is an empowering one that opens the doors to limitless possibilities.  For others, it may feel like a prison where the scraps of life are barely enough to sustain oneself.

Interestingly enough, given perspective’s vantage point, both can be true at the same time.  It depends on what side of the bars you stand on and how you see yourself in relation to what is around you.

Taking time to uncover what’s hidden in the depths of your mind, knowing what’s working for or against you, impacts the flow of money and generosity in your life.

Together, we will:

      • Understand the power of words to shape stories, how stories shape beliefs, behaviours and identity … and how they come together to shape reality.
      • Unearth your current money/currency* stories.
      • Trace the origins of those money/currency stories
      • Deconstruct those legacy stories, including identifying behavior patterns associated with them (and how they’ve shown up across your life).
      • Redefine success, wealth, prosperity and thriving, and any other words relevant to your experience.
      • Play with the “spirit” of money/currency.
      • Rewrite your money/currency story(ies).
      • Experiment with a new identity and new behaviors that anchor those new stories.
      • Leverage tools that expand and amplify the reach of your new stories and behaviors.

* All money is currency but not all currency is money.

Prosperity Consciousness is a 12-week co-facilitated group program that leverages the wisdom of Fredric Lehrman and the combined skills and experience of Jodi Cleghorn.

Registrations close Thursday 21st September (AEST).


About Your Hosts

Kate Wildrick

Using her unique gifts and talents, Kate retrieves helpful information, insight and guidance about the blocks and restrictions that are impacting your life.   Oftentimes, issues build on one another’s qualities creating sophisticated energetic interdependencies.  When one gets triggered, it will often initiate a domino effect that ultimately leads to one creating the same types of issues or experiences again and again. Knowing what to focus on and tackle becomes extremely challenging, because it is not always clear what is connected to what and how it affects certain outcomes.

Working collaboratively, Kate uses a proven technique and process to heal, shift and remove issues so they no longer have an energetic hold on you. When the root causes and energetic connections are dealt with properly, you are free to move the direction you truly desire. As a result, brand new possibilities become reality.

Kate is a gifted healer and paradigm shifter who is capable of clearing blocks that hold one back from being able to give and receive abundantly.  Her unique perspective of how trauma, disempowering belief systems and even multigenerational stories provides another level of depth on what may be contributing to one’s money story(ies).  To learn more about her, please visit her website at

Jodi Cleghorn

Jodi is a multi-passionate woman who works with people and words. She commands three voices:  the word witch, the depth worker and wayshower.

She offers clients a unique combination of storytelling, tarot, intuitive downloads and coaching to  re-orientate them in their lives, opening doors out of intractable situations and inspiring practical forward momentum. Jodi leverages the quantum field of potential while holding the vulnerability of the human experience.

Her greatest joy is witnessing people move into congruence with their core desires, beliefs, values and feelings; to author personal narratives that open  their hearts and the world to everything they thought impossible.

Jodi is an accomplished linguist and published author.  Her strengths include being able to help other change their stories while offering a different narrative on past, present and future experiences.

Say YES to changing your story; to changing your life.

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