She Would Be Grass

Happy New Moon!

After a week of battling my brain and writing words that were more a hindrance than a help, this week is looking a little more easeful.

I’m house/dog sitting for friends down the road and it’s a treat to spend three weeks in a beautiful home with a lush garden. This will also be where I finish the post-trauma romance (which may one day, actually get a proper name — between friends we just say “Jack and Lucy” and we all know what we are talking about).

This is a first draft and it’s allowed to be brain vomit — still there are moments where it shines and there’s fleeting affirmation I’m not terrible at what I do.

The first 3000 words ofThe Spy’s Wooden Mistress (and what she remembers) has been submitted for our final Season of the Wolf workshop. It’s so different to anything I have done before, and is also research heavy, so I will pick through it with a view to be done with a draft by the end of June.

That’s where most of my words are going (with a smattering in my journal). The depth work words show up in The Tarot Primer, a private Signal group. If you’d like to get on that group, hit reply and I can send you the link.

Today’s first page share from my legacy collection This Once Precious Life is She Would Be Grass. It is micro fiction and I think comes in at 125 words. I’ll leave it to you to decide if a story can be told in that many words.

If you’d like to read ahead (or read all the way to the end) you can hit the button below to access online options, including my favourite, Kobo, and Apple’s darling, iBooks.

Thanks for reading (and hopefully listening/watching).

I hope this week is treating you very well (today I feel as though I have finally been spat out the eclipse portal!)

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