Sparks and Embers

What is new in the Jodi-verse?

this once precious life

My first collection of short fiction, spanning the first decade and a half of my writing career.

You can find more information on the Inflorescence Publishing page.



Replenish: moving beyond the toxicity of self-care

REPLENISH is a 28-day program to support anyone who is tired of the self-care diatribe and still wants to prioritise themselves and their needs.

Especially woman who want to find the center of their lives and stand unapologetically, and gloriously, in it. Women who are done letting everyone (but themselves) be whole and fully invested in.

REPLENISH turns the table on the flawed premise of self-care offering a simple and practical reframe to make self-tending possible (even for the most jaded, burned out and overwhelmed).

REPLENISH will be offered as an automated email course soon.

The next in-person group begins Monday June 17th. 

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The Tarot Primer

The Tarot Primer  weaves tarot, channeling, poetry, music and coaching. Anchored in practical application, embellished with lyricism and a dash of magick.

You can experience The High Priestess and The Hierophant through my wayshower’s eyes.

Delivered four-times a week via Signal, The Tarot Primer is free.

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My Winter Depth work is closed for 2024.

Fashion your own depth work package.