The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

All my words are still being ploughed into projects behind the scene.

I’m into the final quarter of my post-trauma romance novel (that still remain unnamed!). It currently sits at almost 65,000 words.

I’m hoping it will be done earlier than the 18th of May deadline, but we will see. There is still a lot of story to go down before I get to the end.

I havealso earmarkedThe Spy’s Wooden Mistress (and what she remembers) for my portfolio piece for Season of the Wolf, meaning I need to find at least another 2000 words for it before next Friday. I have written one new letter for it (to replace the one originally in there). We’ll see what happens.

Everyone I share the premise with lights up with delight. If you missed it last week, it’s a WW2 spy story mashed up with the Norwegian folklore of the huldra (a half woman half tree). It is a story of liminality and what is means to live at the margins.

Today’s first page share from my legacy collection This Once Precious Life is The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth. It is set along the Brisbane River and I loved dropping so many local landmarks into such a short story.

It’s barely 1200 words. A mid-alien invasion survival story intersected with a teenage pregnancy.

It asks who actually is the meek, and what earth will they inherit.

It was originally published in the CSFG anthology Never Never Land.

If you’d like to read ahead (or read all the way to the end) you can hit the button below to access online options, including my favourite, Kobo, and Apple’s darling, iBooks.

Thanks for reading (and hopefully listening).

I hope this week is treating you very well. 

I am loving the slowness of this time of year for me; the exceptional food, conversations and the glorious sunny Autumn weather, book-ended by crisp mornings and cool evenings.

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