A 2024 Cartomancy Gift For You


Welcome to 2024 and an “8” universal year.

One of the signatures the eights energy carries is change.

The eight energy is also an opportunity to deepen into an existing practice or to pick up a new practice with the intention of going deeper.

As a depth worker, it makes 2024 a particularly potent year, for me, for you and for our entire planet.

My gift to you is a free 12-month cartomancy journal and workbook.

I started creating these back in 2017 and I’ve used my journal every month since then.

I returned to the weekly pages back in September 2021 and have shown up for them consistently since then.

This year I’ve named the 130+ page journal after my Winter Work program The Poetry of You.

Download The Poetry of You 2024

The journal is simple and is designed for tarot or oracle cards. It keeps track of monthly intentions, projects and ideals and is both prospective and reflective.

If you’d like to give it a whirl, please download and print off the pages for January.

It is one of my anchors in life, and nothing would bring me more joy, than it becoming an anchor in your life too.

Join the list for The Poetry of You (Mar-Sept depth container). The container is for 10 women and one place is already taken. Add you name here.


The Nine of Wands — The Vigil of Wild Patience

The Tarot Primer (12)

Written for Monday 31st October – Sunday 6th November (and shared here for the mirror week of six month ago, including  Samhain here in the Southern Hemisphere)

The Fifth Spirit Tarot, by Charlie Claire Burgess

✉️ The Nine as Missive

🕯 As we pause for Samhain (juxtaposed with Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere) the 9 is an invitation to consider who or what you are lighting a candle for.

🔋 9 is the energy to mourn and remember, as well as dream and manifest. Both call something to us.

🙏🏻 The 9 explores what it means to hold a vigil — literally what you are holding onto and tending in reverence.

🔦 It casts a light in the dark as to who or what you are keeping close. It calls into question, and concurrently amplifies, your call to the other side.

🔬 It asks us to qualify and clarify what “the other side is” for us, on the everyday plane, as well as a higher spiritual.

⏳The 9 beckons and whispers to you: tell me who or what you are waiting for? How long has it been?

☠️ It gently and without judgement observes the candles you have lit. The ones doggedly tended. The ones you’ve been careless with. The ones that went out.

🧚‍♀️ The 9 reminds us, waiting and patience are not the same thing. They tap different timelines. Different congruencies. But as children we are told to wait; be patience and our restless spirits take this as punishment. It’s not.

🔥 In the element of fire, patience is wild.

👞 Hypervigilance is a heightened state of anticipation. Of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe it was once adaptive. Is it now?

😬The 9 suggests modern life makes us worry what is coming at us. Makes us worry we are alone. Makes as though we are alone and unprotected.

🛡 We worry so much, we are perpetually prepared, carrying our armour everywhere. We miss the caress of the gentleness of life. Kindness. The afternoon breeze. We sleep in it and wonder why we wake unrested.

♀️ The nine makes room beside it and offers you a chance to light a candle for yourself.

📖 Journal Prompts

🕰 Who or what are you willing to wait for?

⏰ Who or what are you not willing to do this for?

🍽 Who is making you wait?

🦁 Where does fierceness and courage intersect patience?

❤️ What is your relationship with patience?

🪷If you could define wild patience for yourself, what would it look/sound/feel/taste/smell like?

🍂 What have you incepted and not tended?

🗡 What keeps you awake at night?

✨ What is the glorious other side of your biggest challenge right now? Describe it in detail.

🧨 How does trying to do it alone sabotage your best efforts?

Thank you so much for your patience. It’s good to be back. See you tomorrow.

🎯 9 of Wands in Action: The Quasi List Poem

I first came across the term “wild patience” in Women Who Run With the Wolves in 2016. The phrase was shaped by feminist and poet Adrienne Rich. It immediately seized my imagination.

What could wild patience be?

My then-boyfriend and I texted back and forth across an evening, what wild patience might be. It is one of my happiest memories of our time together.

So let’s write a list poem together….

(If you have a friend you can do this with, do it. If it’s just you and your notes app or journal that’s fine too.)

You start with the phrase:

Wild patience is…   and you fill that in.

If words are not your jam, cap it at 3. Let it be a process of moving through.

If words are a happy playground aim for a higher number of iterations.

Hold this lightly. Have fun.

🪶 The 9 of Wands in Poetry

Wild patience is…

…tending a grieving heart knowing it will once-again be whole and love again.

…the anticipation of a summer storm building on the horizon (before there were weather apps)

…your soul choosing time-consuming creativity paths when your impetuous humanness needs spontaneity and immediacy down the trauma-bahn.

festina lente: make haste slowly

…threading daisy chains, winding pom poms and constructing paper chains.

…cyclic stability and it’s ever-constant shifts and changes hardwired into the wax and wane, ebb and flow, growth and decay.

…how the people who love you hold space so you can to tend yourself in your perfect timing, not theirs.

🪞 The 9 in Reflection

I know the Primer rarely delivers messages I want. But they’re always the ones I need. This week was no different.

It’s the second week of mourning the loss of someone who meant everything to me. And it’s a warped grief tangled in an exceptionally non-conventional relationship that defied possibility. I find myself trying to work out how to hold space to honour the past, be present with myself now and continue to tend to the future when the “rules”/assumptions/expectations don’t m necessarily apply here.

🕯 Thanks to Christina I was able to light a candle on the Samhain/Beltane axis to: contradictions and the wholehearted devastation of being human. The unseasonal gusting wind blew it out before it got going. But I was able to let it burn out the following night.

Who are we to say what perfect timing is? The intersection of wild patience and time is probably our capacity to let go, let be and trust in the unfolding.

Also thank you to Anna Bellissimo who reminded me that if you search for evidence of magick you will find it. (And you know — for your amusement… as I was typing that the Cure’s “Close to Me” was playing and out the corner of my eye I spied a hand-sized spider crawl up the pillar beside where I was sitting. I don’t need to be that close. Thank you!!!)

Thoughts that popped up this week, the first is mine. The next two belong to astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat:

💭 It is not just identifying who or what, it’s about knowing how you tend the memories, when and where you do, and why. But of course all of that is meaningless unless you know the what or who.

💭 (Detectives) might be extra vigilant types who don’t know how to describe the things that only they see to someone else. They might (embody) and hold the important archetype of truth.

💭 The word remember is a bit of a misnomer. We never remember things. We always reconstruct memories. Memories are just stories.

📻 Signal Boost

Anna Bellissima

Alice Sparkly Cat

David Whyte’s The Well of Grief

Isabel Abbott‘s “salt + honey”

Adrianna Michelle — The Death Alchemist

🪩 The 9 of wands Outro

My son tells a great story of being woken in the middle of the night to me belting this out, earphones in, hidden within the dark.

Without further ado, please dance yourself into the weekend with Blondie’s “The Tide is High”

I’ve shared for entry as the mirror week of six months ago — the middle week of the eclipse portal and to honour Samhain here in the Southern Hemisphere. 

The Tarot Primer is a text-based, espresso-strength infusion of tarot, channeled wisdom, journal prompts, poetry, life hacks and music delivered straight to your phone via Signal four times a week. The Primer returns Monday, 1st May.

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The Hierophant Tarot Card — Your Inner Librarian

The Tarot Primer is a text-based, espresso-strength infusion of tarot, channeled wisdom, journal prompts, poetry, life hacks and music delivered straight to your phone via Signal four times a week.

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Tarot Primer (23)

Written Monday 30 January – Sunday 5 February 2023 (shared here for the eclipse / mercury rx week of 17/04-23/04/230

The Fifth Spirit (1st edition) , Charlie Clare Burgess

✉️ The Hierophant as Missive

🔨 The Hierophant is a committed dismantler of isms and ologies.

🙋🏻‍♀️ They are a questioner of the traditions that give foundations to systems and structures, and invite you to instead seek your own meaning maker.

❤️ They ask: is this meaningful to you? If not, why do you continue?

🧐 While the High Priestess invites you into a higher knowing, the Hierophant invites you into what you already know.

🏛️The Hierophant is your inner librarian. The trusted guardian and guide of all the knowledge you have amassed in this life time (and life times before). A gateway to your wisdom. Here everything you know has been catalogued and carefully tended, waiting for you to return.

🧬The wisdom of your lived experience. The wisdom carried in your body. The wisdom of eons encoded in your DNA. The sacred wisdom of your heart. And yes, the wisdom you have sought in books and in conventional (and unconventional) learning.

🪜 The Inner Librarian encourages you to honour your knowing. To step through the stacks and be awed and amazed at just what is there.

🛑 The Hierophant asks you to question any one need you to give away your power to sit at their feet. Whose wisdom seeks to override your own. They caution against anyone who refuses to enter into the synergy of knowledge as anything other than collaboration and wonder.

🏚️ For a truly wise soul will never ask you to abandon yourself to be with them. They will always offer their insights with humbleness and non-absoluteness. They will never insist they know they truth.

👉🏼 They point out all those you who position themselves as an Expert on You. They remind you, you are, and will always be, the Expert of You and your experience.

🚪 The Hierophant gestures to the massive doors you are standing at. They offer you keys to the Library of You, stepping aside so you might open the doors. Welcome, they say and you step inside.


📖 Journal Prompts

✍🏻 Describe your Inner Library, in as much or as little detail.
✍🏻 How do access your deeper knowing?
✍🏻 How would you define “tradition”? (If you didn’t have to think hard “intellectually” about it?
✍🏻What traditions do you in engage because they’re meaningful and resonant?
✍🏻What ones do you go along with to make other people happy?
✍🏻What is the cost of that to you?
✍🏻Which ism or ology feels most relevant/pressing in your life now? How does it show up in your life?
✍🏻What do you believe in that brings joy, perspective, understanding, anchoring and meaning to your life?
✍🏻 How do you create meaningful action from that place of belief?
✍🏻How will you honour your knowing this week?


🎯 The Hierophant in Action

This week I’m inviting you to observe your Inner Librarian. To see how she moves. What she does. And most of all, what frees her to do her job with ease.

🪶 The Hierophant in Poetry

From Shades of Paradox (2019)


🪞 The Hierophant in Reflection

The locus of “knowing” has been really interesting to explore this week.

The week started with a sense that my Inner Librarian needs movement. I felt her walking the stacks with her finger trailing along the spines of books, or getting around in a converted golf cart in a warehouse sized repository.

The weather hasn’t been great for walking in the afternoon, so I didn’t get a chance to test drive this further. To see if what drops into my head when I’m out walking, is actually an info dump from the Inner Librarian. Like she’s arrived with a pile of books and boom – down on the counter they go.

Then two days ago I got a “slam into a brick wall” kind of knowing that didn’t drop from above. It came from deep inside me as I observed the outer world and I saw it had shifted. My body, heart and soul were in total coherence, while my mind tried to bargain with the deeper truth. (It’s still trying to strike bargains the other three simply won’t underwrite!)

I know what it’s like to ask a question and get a High Priestess answer, and what happened on that footpath was not her sending down missives. This was pattern recognition at an intrinsic level of awareness.

I have a new (and humbled) appreciation of my Inner Librarian and her gifts. As well as the magickal knowing which resides in my body and heart, when my mind doesn’t scream down the house with its version of the house. (Even when I don’t like what that knowing tells me — and believe me, there’s been plenty of inner tantrumming!)

In the future, I want to cultivate more deeper knowing rather than defaulting to higher knowing. To source my wisdom rather than outsource it.

There was also this comment from Simone Seol on IG which fell within the parameters of The Hierophant as system whistleblower.

⁉️Were you able to tap into your Inner Librarian this week? I’d love to know what’s unpacked or revealed itself to you since Monday.


📻 Signal Boost

A repeat broadcast this week for Christina Hira and her 2023 Patreon.

She’s the dearest of my dear hearts, my fellow explorer of soul and shadows spaces plus my poetic bestie. Her depth year reflections blew me away. They helped me understand the changes I was undergoing.

We are embarking on a Year of Uncertainty together and her essays will be a must. Please consider diving in with your spare change (pun intended!) on the Uncertainty Essays tier.


🪩 The Hierophant as Outro

This week I offer you a little Paul Dempsey. I’m sure there were possibly better songs out there but there is something Hey History (Don’t Go Changin’) that nagged for inclusion.

(Maybe it’s been the week, maybe my Inner Librarian also has a wee crush on Mr Dempsey!)

So without further ado, a quiet jam to watch the sun go down (or come up) on this Saturday.

I’ve shared for Eclipse week / Mercury stationing direct 17/04-23/04/23

The Tarot Primer returns Monday 1st May. Join here so you don’t miss a moment.

Changing My Relationship With the Passing Year

I’ll be honest, my 40’s have been far from ecstatic.

They have been hard. Fucking hard. All manner of rough comings out — from polyamory to being psychic. Reinventing myself as a writer. Revisioning then rebuilding the kind of experience I wanted in publishing (and I’m still so so so far away from it, but that’s okay.) Fumbling through what it means to be multi-passionate and how to do business when you’re not flying just one kite.

There was the navigation of high school with a chronically ill son, then making my own way through years of chronic illness born from more than a decade of chronic stress and isolation.

For so many years I felt as though I was slow-falling through any sense of solidity or certainty. I tumbled down an endless Alice abyss.

And I hated it.

I railed.
I fought.
And I fucking resented everything.

I couldn’t wait to get beyond each fucked up year and get a fresh start. The thing was, I never did. It was like stepping in dog shit and treading it from one year to another.

I wanted to stop feeling trapped and tortured by my years.

That liberation began with changing the relationship I had with the passing year.

Four Quick Hacks I Embraced

1. I quit shitting on the year that had shat on me. 

I stopped labelling years bad and just let them be neutral. I mean, you’ve heard it, or even said it yourself:

“Can’t wait for this year to be finished.”

“Shit year!”

“This year can fuck off.”

Three years of a pandemic has had us collectively saying some version of “Twenty-Fucking-Twenty…”

While this might provide short term rapport with all the other people also pissing on the year, the thing is, if you do this, you take the resentment, animosity, grief, disappointment and whatever else the year stirred up … you take into the new year.

You repeat patterns.
You miss a fresh start.

2. I honoured all of the year by getting curious.

This let me see if there was something, anything, beneath what was going on. Especially the hard-as-shit stuff. Attempting to see if, then how,  I was changing: growing and adapting in positive ways to the challenges.

It let me gentler in how I perceived the hardships I’d gone through. It let me make conscious, specific choices about what I wanted to leave behind.

In the beginning it was hard to see them. As the years have gone one they are more apparent.

3. I  got discerning

This meant celebrating the peak experiences alongside the obstacles, dead ends, frustrations, the heart breaks and unexpected failures. It allowed me to rehabilitate my focus away from  obsessing on everything hard or not going my way.

I started to acknowledge it was like that some of the time, but not all the time.

4. I let my years be multi-faceted.

I embraced gloriously imperfect years which lead me out of two-dimensional monochromatic shit storms of misery that could be summed up in one or two catchy words.

Few years are all good or all bad.

Even the worst years have a few shiny spots in them if we’re open to search for them.

A Clean Start

Few people can simply wake up with a clean slate by sheer force of will and 8 hours of sleep between Dec 31 and Jan 1.

Spending time with my year, holding it lightly and honouring all parts, let me cut the passing year away cleanly. Itt was a huge relief to enter a new year without the other one hissing and spitting at my heels.

Best of all, I stopped dragging the old year into the new as the forever compare-and-contrast. The new year got to be bold, beautiful and full of potential on its own terms.

The Thresholds Tarot Readings

In 2021, I created the Thresholds Tarot Readings out of this practice.

I wanted to provide a space for clients to intentionally review the passing year with an open-heart and mind. Through the cards, questions arise to give clients a unique journey through (and perspective on) their year.

These 90-minute readings are super-charged and provide insights into the themes, peak experiences and growth points of ‘22, with guidance and suggestions for celebrating and cutting lose the year that was.

Places are limited.

Bookings are recommended sooner rather than later to get the best date for the farewell you and your year deserve.

Schedule Appointment

Thresholds Readings Open for the 22/23 Bridge

Thresholds #22 by Jodi Cleghorn — cut from Women Who Run with the Wolves — project developed with Christina Hira

The practice of honouring all of my year inspired the creation of The Thresholds Tarot Readings in 2021.

I wanted to hold space for clients to unpack their year open-heartedly, with potential to gain a new perspective on how the year had unfolded. To see with uncommon clarity the highs that might have been missed and the gifts in the difficulties. To pattern-check in a unique way and leave the reading with a concrete path out of one year and into the next.

I tested the new reading with a friend and we dived into unexpected places, even though we’d talked and drawn cards for a whole year together. We found richly glorious and horrific stories. I pulled up questions which illuminated themes and patterns she hadn’t considered, leaving her with clear stepping stones out of ’21 into ’22.

But 2021 found me in a strange between place — still birthing pregnant babies (ie. timing all wrong so what I created could not be effectively nurtured once it was released).

I still had a permanent residence in the liminal and hadn’t yet considered a bigger life for myself. Much less what it might mean or look like, personally and professionally. All that has changed over the course of ‘22

This means I’m ready to bring all of me (this powerful New Me who is recently qualified and full of enthusiasm ) to meet all of you at the table for the 2022 round of Thresholds Reading.

I’m making sure the offering goes out into the world with plenty of time for everyone to book a slot before ‘22 slides out the door.

Book and Thresholds Reading

These 90-minute readings are super-charged and provide insights into the themes, peak experiences and growth points of ‘22, with guidance and suggestions for celebrating and cutting lose the year that was.

Places are limited.

Book now to get the best date for the farewell you and your year deserve.

Biggest Love,

✨ Jodi

PS: I’m also  offering Year Opening readings in January and February, to help future map 2023 with you.

Book both now for a $20 discount.

P.P.S: If you are in the Brisbane area I love to share readings at my kitchen table over tea and cake. If you are in the surrounds (Gold or Sunshine Coast, Ipswich etc)  and would like to host several readings, I’m more than willing to travel for 2 or more in-person readings. I’ll also consider opening Sundays for readings if the demand is there in December.

Contact me below if this might be you.


The High Priestess Tarot Card – Meaning In Motion

The Tarot Primer is a text-based, espresso-strength infusion of tarot, channeled wisdom, journal prompts, poetry, life hacks and music delivered straight to your phone via Signal four times a week.

See below for download and join links.

Tarot Primer (1.1)

🔮 We have made habits of turning outward for advice and outsourcing our wisdom to others. The High Priestess reminds us we are the first and most powerful experts on our lives.

🙋🏻‍♀️She invites us into our inner knowing and gently encourages us to trust the answers we find when we turn inward. We are our Wise Self, even in the moments when we fear we know nothing.

🫀She is the holy aspect that everyday life can force to the sidelines from sheer busyness and the need to keep our heads above the water.

🍎 She is the pause and the sweetness that greets us in those moments when return to ourselves, even if that’s just sixty seconds stolen in the toilet or the stairwell at work.

🧚‍♀️ She is the conduit of feminine blessing and magick in all we touch if we dare to let that be.

🌕 She is a beautiful energy to be with, however feels congruent and joy-filled, to celebrate this week’s full moon in Capricorn.

Image: The High Priestess by Charlie Claire Burgess (The Fifth Spirit Tarot, first edition)


🔑 What are you ready to unlock?
🪄 What magic calls to you?
🛤 What is the middle place between spaces of black and white?
🪧 How do you lay equal claim to the light and the darkness? And how it feels in each?
☀️ What do you create from starlight? From sunlight?

Tarot Primer (1.2)

“At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want.”
~ Lao Tzu

Honour your High Priestess by tuning into, and practising, your sacred yes and sacred no.

💫What is your sacred yes and no?

It’s the answer to a any question which rises up from within. It’s quiet at the start. Felt in the body. Often held in the heart.

It’s the knowing the logic brain will loudly shout over the top with rationality and social programming.

The sacred yes and no honour what’s most important to you (not necessarily others) when expressed aloud. This sacred practise is intrinsically linked to establishing and maintaining boundaries.

Listen to to what rises up inside you, intuitively, when you need to make a decision. Some people like to close their eyes. Get still. Silent. Or to place their hand on their heart.

If you’re unsure — program a necklace as a pendulum and let it help you hone your inner hearing/knowing of the sacred yes and no.

Tarot Primer (1.3)

You were lost to yourself
within yourself
for lifetimes, for centuries
A half-formed echo
A skeleton missing bones
Compulsively course correcting but
having forgotten where you were
navigating to

In a moment of revelation
you saw light
you saw love
and you knew you had a home
though it had fallen from your consciousness
The course correcting that had once
tried to steer you back there
took you away
until you lost the memory
of where you were going
through a thousand wayward turns

Now fair winds whistle joyfully
across the axis of light
carrying you forward
and you navigate from the constellation
in your heart
across the seas of the unknown-once-known
Following the siren call of home
Coming back to yourself

She has been patiently waiting on the shores
to see the dance of your sails on the horizon
She holds your light
She holds your love
She is you
and you are her
breaking open
together on the shores
of a new be-ing

Written March 20th, 2019


Tarot Primer (1.4)

It has been an interesting week, observing the intersection/interplay/tension of magick, ritual and creation.

It feels very much The High Priestess sandwiched between The Magician and The Empress (energies I feel far more comfortable in!)

Three things from my week with The High Priestess:

🕯 I built an altar and surrendered into the magickal guidance of Anna Bellissima in creating myself a HyperSigil. This is my latest depth year foray — deepening into creating a future of my desire and designs.

🦴 This was an extension of me trying to spend more time in the light side of things, because I feel very comfortable in the shadows, excavating bones and wounds, but do very little then with the space I’ve made for myself. I feel the right kind of tingly after my first entry in my hypersigil and excited about the next one.

🔮 This! The tarot primer. I’m certain a different card would not have inspired me to experiment with leaning into my wisdom and sharing it this way. Thank you for all the fabulous and encouraging feedback.

🎈 Message me and share your three reflections for the week, any time over the weekend. I’d love to hear from you.


These woman pour higher knowing into their work.

🐇 Libby Fordham — Letters from the Hedge

🖊 Anna Bellissima — True Lies

🛁 Kristie Murphy — Freya’s Nourishment

Tarot Primer (1.5)
🎵 The High Priestess Outro

And lastly, a song to dance us into the weekend.

Apologies to any fans of the Steve Winwood classic. I found this version by pure accident following the thread of a lyric.

🪩Higher Love

Or ramp up the beat…

🙏🏻 Thank you for being here. Have a fabulous weekend.

I’ll see you next week.

Biggest love,
Jodi xxx

Written and shared, for the week 11th – 17th July, 2022


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Leveraging a combination of fiction, poetry, tarot and coaching, I offer guidance and practical support for people ready to excavate their shadows, meet their brightest ideas and shape present/future realties on their own terms.

I embolden souls to live their best lives now, utilising the quantum field of potential while holding the vulnerability of the human experience.

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