Welcome to the replenishment revolution

Replenish: moving beyond the toxicity of self-care

REPLENISH is a 28-day program to support anyone who is tired of the self-care diatribe and still wants to prioritise themselves and their needs.

Especially woman who want to find the center of their lives and stand unapologetically, and gloriously, in it. Women who are done letting everyone (but themselves) be whole and fully invested in.

The REPLENISH BLUEPRINT turns the table on the flawed premise of self-care offering a simple and practical reframe to make self-tending possible (even for the most jaded, burned out and overwhelmed).

In the Not-Too-Distant Future

Imagine a day, where you wake before your alarm, overflowing with energy, enthusiasm, clarity and purpose.

This radical personal renewal is a daily event, supported by a simple and shame-free method of centering yourself and prioritising your needs. In this world your healing and growth is a seamless part of living.

You go out into the world every day with a sense of fullness. You are vibrant and joyous. The emptiness you feel at the end of the day (and week) is not one of physical exhaustion, mental overwhelm or emotional fatigue. It is the end point of your personal resources well spent.

Imagine all this and more.

Self-Care Misery

The world is full of people who fail daily at self-care.

Despite knowing the importance of prioritising their needs, they repeatedly (not just for months, but years) reject and neglect what supports their most basic needs.

They lack time, energy, space and enthusiasm.

They wish someone would care for them.

On top of chronic stress and overwhelm, suffering burn out and compassion fatigue, they navigate shitty stories of guilt, shame, undeservingness and neglect. Or their needs are suffocated by lies of indulgence and selfishness.

Exhausted (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually), they resign themselves to joyless, colourless lives.

Many are chronically ill (physically and mentally). Many more are on their way there, where illness finally validates the need to stop and find the time, resources, space and support to address their needs.

I know all about it, because I was there.

My Renewal Using Self-Replenishment

The Shit Bits

I have lived through chronic depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia and a fried nervous system. I was a burn-out junkie for almost a decade, using the mania of sleep deprivation to fuel years of creativity. Then I turned 40 and how I abused my body caught up with me, compounded by the stress of involuntary home schooling  (years before lockdown bought this experience to every home).

I lost my ability to read, write and thing. Had a creeping paranoia that suburbia was devouring and would one day I’d disappear altogether. For two years I felt not existing would be an easier option. Exhausted and pain kept me in bed. And for many years my world shrunk to the size of my house; friendless and lost.

The first year of pandemic stress combined with peri-menopause left me in the emergency department on the December solstice 2020, unable to walk or talk. I’d finally hit the bottom.

Learning to Refill

I dedicated 2021 to prioritising the tending my nervous system (using every single tool my training offered to support “uncoachable” clients).

By mid-2022 I knew self-care needed a rebrand.

I had used self-care tools to heal myself …  but had refused to call any of it self-care. Then in my exit interview for my coaching accreditation an entirely new self-tending structure came to me.

Since adopting self-replenishment in late 2022 I’ve been able invest in the slow, long-term repair of my nervous system and my overall physical, mental and emotional health. Even though I’m a work in progress, my general wellness is the best it has been in decades.

I am dialled in, resilient and proactive in ways I never thought I could be. I have an incredible pit crew of health care providers. I’ve created adaptable routines and rituals of refill which support my healing and growth.

In the last two and a half years I’ve written six drafts of a novel, completed my coaching accreditation, done solo international travel, consistently built a business, supported dozens of clients out of dark places, collated and released legacy work as an author, co-run a 12-week group coaching program for more than 30 people and across a year of grieving, never for a moment doubted I was living a bigger life each day.

Most days I’m up before dawn, alive with ideas and enthusiasm for what lies ahead. And on the days I don’t … I have a structure to support me in deciding what I need and how to best to deliver it.

Now I want to deliver the best to you

The Power of a Reframe

Self-care is an unwieldy umbrella term that’s been commercialised, weaponised, diluted and complicated. It is a flawed premise we can only fail (repeatedly) at.

Care is what we provide the young, elderly, sick, vulnerable, disenfranchised and at-risk with. It’s particularly fraught proposition if you’re living with compassion fatigue.

You’ve been fighting self-care all these years (and thinking you were failing) when you were actually protecting yourself; resisting what self-care wanted to shape you as: broken, sick, frail, disempowered and not enough.

At worst self-care is performance management for when you become unreliable and impacts those around you. Then, self-care becomes the thing you must to do to fix the problem of you.

Replenishment is the reframe you’ve been yearning for.

The dynamic and cyclic nature of it makes it proactive, flexible, responsive and adaptive.

It sets the benchmark at full (not fixed) and offers a somatic and emotional metric to describe where you are at: how full or empty are you; a neutral descriptor.

There is plenty of space for imperfection; trial and error. There are multiple entry points (because no two days are the same!)

Best of all, self-replenishment thrives on small, incremental acts of refilling.

And so will you.

What Self-Replenishment Offers You

The first mention of self-replenishment often floods the body with relief. To finally be freed of self-care’s bondage. The dynamic of fill, empty, refill ignites possibility. The spark and excitement of self-replenishment replaces the former drudgery and grind. The heaviness lifts.

You move out of emergency/drowning mode, to become forward facing, self-directed and invested in exploring and experimenting with the best ways to fill yourself.

Because there’s multiple entry points, it meets you exactly where you are.

It situates existing practices along a continuum, so your beloved tools and practices become more useful and powerful. They have scope to do what they are intended to do: heal, expand and enliven you.

Self-replenishment is not haunted by old stories of why you can’t, don’t and won’t make time and space for yourself.

It’s not punitive and doesn’t run on shame or guilt.

And as you slowly refill, there is more of you to go around. More ease. More vibrancy. There is joy and awe and delight again. You increasingly have more energy and bandwidth for your family and friends, your job or business. You reclaim old passions, hobbies and experiences. You love life, and life can’t help but love you back.

The Nuts and Bolts of Replenish

Replenish is a 28-day blueprint to disrupt old stories, patterns, habits, expectations and identity founded in toxic self-care. It then offers a flexible structure to seed and nurture new stories, understanding, structures, rituals and selves under the self-replenishment paradigm.

Replenish is not a quick fix. It is a radical rethink that forms a foundation for a long-term investment in your well-being.

We cover:

💫 Why self-care is a flawed premise

💫 Why words matter

💫 The dismantling of legacy stories around self-care

💫 The power of the self-replenishment reframe

💫 The intersecting parts of self-replenishment: emergency triage, replenishment, peak experiences, depth work, the self and others

💫 Replenishment as practice: refill, recharge, rest, revive and reset.

💫 Centring self-replenishment in your life: new stories, new practices, new possibilities

Replenish is

💫 14 micro reframes via email and audio ($210 @5c/word)

💫 14 essential pauses (priceless)

💫 14 suggested practices (my research time, not yours)

💫 2 live Q&A calls ($60)

💫 2 live sharing circles ($60)

💫 resources to write your own self-replenishment story ($30)

💫 guidance to build a new structure for you to heal and grow with in ($150)

Replenish is valued at $510 and offered under a three-tiered equity pricing structure: Business sustainability ($189), Heart-Centered ($126) and Vulnerable Edge ($63).

A Revolutionary Concept

Jodi’s revolutionary concept of self-replenishment utterly changed my relationship with my own energy and wellbeing. I never have to wonder whether I’m worthy or deserving any more; my relationship with myself is now based on nurture, not punishment. I couldn’t love it more.

~ Janette Dalgliesh (life coach and planetary magic maven)

Program Dates

The Chinese proverb tells us that the best time to plant an oak was a 100 years ago. The next best time is today.

Replenish returns mid June. Join the waitlist.

💫 Emails daily (14 micro reframes and 14 breathers)

💫 Two Live Q& A’s/ Live Sharing Circles (offered at two alternate ties)

The Recap

  1. Overwhelm, burn-out, exhaustion, chronic stress and illness are rife in our Western society despite a robust narrative of self-care. A $1.5 trillion global self-care industry profits from that misery.
  1. Self-care is a flawed premise and we’ve all been set up to fail.
  1. Words matter. How does care feels compared to replenishment. Which do you prefer?
  1. Any number of additional factors contribute to the rejection and negation of our needs: a perceived lack of time; low enthusiasm, energy and poor health; shitty beliefs and toxic stories; no confidence (in self or tools); lack of space and motivation.
  1. Self-replenishment is the personal renewal process which infuses vibrancy, energy, enthusiasm, joy, enthusiasm and love back into a life slowly over time.
  1. Our relationship with self-tending turns from reactive and punitive to proactive and nourishing.
  1. This is the ultimate wellbeing reset, offering a different way of thinking to optimises your favourite tools and practices
  1. It leverages a responsive multi-faceted approach that is responsive to the daily changes and makes space for imperfection, experimentation and exploration.
  1. When you are filled up, there is more of you to invest in your family, friends, workplace, business, community and in things you love. You bloom when you overflow.