The Daily Breath

Peace is found in the space between the in and out breath.
The Daily Breath is a poetic rendering of this.


The Daily Breath was a daily poetry offering (2019-2020) combining words, images and magick to invoke joy, beauty and revelation.

Poems were constructed using the cut-up method of poetry and glued to handmade postcards.

The 2019 project ran for 354 consecutive according to the lunar year (which is 11 days shorter than the standard calendar year). Each chapter represented on lunar month. The 2020 project ran on a solar/astrological calendar and lasted for half a year. Each month was referred to as a chapter and consisted of 28-31 poems. Most were physical poems, with a smattering of digital chapters.


The Daily Breath poems:

    • support the practise of returning to centre and self
    • they invite you to stop, put yourself first and tend unapologetically to you in the moment
    • anchor boundless joy and synchronistic wisdom as a daily beat and breath
embrace the intersection between beauty, poetry, magick and sacredness — and inspire that intersection in every soul who reads them
magnetise and flow joy, hope, peace, calm, harmony and serendipity
    • amplify the meaningful relationship between words and picture and the resonant place they open in you each day;
build a bridge between the known and unknown, in your heart and soul along the beautiful edges of possibility

A Sample of Chapters

Home on the Other Side
Cancer solar month, 21st June – 21st July (2020)
Text:  ‘Anne of Green Gables’ by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Images: Marimekko postcards by Chronicle Books

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Keep Your Face to the Sun (Analogue)
Leo solar month, 22nd July – 21st August (2020)
Text: ‘The Wizard of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum
Images: Sunrise/set  photographs by Catherine Evans and Rus VanWestervelt

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Doors — 3 (Analogue)
Capricorn lunar month, 26th December – 24th January (2019/20)
Text: ‘How To Be Both’ by Ali Smith
Images: collection of photos of doors

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Time Jive (Digital)
Gemini lunar month, 3rd June – 1st July (2019)
Text: ‘Hazards of Time Travel’ By Carol Joyce Oates
Images: Abstract mash up, featuring the photos of Daniel Ritter

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Breath  (Analogue)
Cancer lunar month, 3rd – 31st July (2019)
Text: ‘Breath’ by Tim Winto
Images: photos by Catherine Evans

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Alchemy by Oracle  (Analogue)
Virgo lunar month, 28th September – 31st July (2019)
Text: ‘Floor Sample’ by Julia Cameron
Backing: British paint colour squares

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