Pillars of my Practice

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The Pillars of My Practice of my practice are:


the cards



shadow work

soul work


The conscious and unconscious narratives of our lives–which we can think of as beliefs, habits, world view, internal voices–are the building blocks of our lives.

Our birth right is to be the first and definitive authors of these building blocks, but most of us aren’t.

A lot of the time, our narratives run like automated programming in the background.

A reading can bring one or more story to the surface to critique (and where appropriate) dismantle.

(For more on story click through to here.)


I consider the cards to be conversation starters, that  guide and shape the course of the conversation.

They are also  doorways that welcome clients to step through and consider alternate versions of their stories or lives, offering hints and possibilities like sparks and embers.



Conversation is at the heart of my readings.

I faciliate an opportunity to talk. A reading with me is not one-way channel of information from me to the you.

Through our conversation your story unfolds.

In this way, a reading is an intimate and vulnerable experience where I hold space for you to explore your stories and experiences in a safe and supported way.

I ask lots of questions, often uncomfortable or difficult ones, to help peel back the layers.


Collabortion is at the core of all my creative work and tarot is no exception.

Together you and I create the reading. Your ideas, impressions, thoughts and reflections are more potent and important than mine.

I encourage clients to look into the cards and share what they see there.

The more present and open you are, the deeper we are able to go together.

Shadow work

Our stories often have origins and deep roots in trauma, familial inheritance, shame and the ways we have been taught to abandoned ourselves to survive (to name a few).

Asking questions of, and drawing to the front, anything which has been pushed to the back, is a form of shadow work.

When we come together to look at and question the unconscious, automatic stories shaping your life life, we are moving through shadowscapes.

In the shadows we often find the foundation of our most influential stories.

To thrive we must first shine a light into these areas and work gently with what we find there.

Soul Work

Working with the tarot is like finding a direct line to a more authentic voice of ourselves (sometimes called the Higher Self).

A reading can help to side step the Ego (aka our conscious brain and the neurological patterning charged with keeping us alive, which for the most part, equates change with danger and will close it down at the first opportunity). In the cards we get to explore ourselves and our lives through a different lens.

I like to think that with the cards, we sit a little closer to our best (or favourite) selves, as well as our younger selves and all the parts cleaved off, or silenced, to fit in.

We often gain unexpected clarity stepping into a space where the soul is given precedence over the more tangible and “practical” aspects of self.