Post-It Note Poetry

Post-It Note Poetry (PINP) began in February 2013 as a writing dare between myself and Postmarked Piper’s Reach co-author, Adam Byatt–to write bad poetry on post-it notes for 28 days. It quickly caught the quirk and imagination of poets and non-poets alike and became a yearly event. I crack a wry smile when I consider that one of my on-going legacies is a poetry event that pre-dates Instagram’s popularity and any poetically skills I now have.

In 2022, we welcomed many of the original participants back as they gathered to exercise their micro poetry muscles.

Past co-curators of the event are Adam Byatt, Sean Wright and since 2021, I have shared the duties with New Zealand poet, Christina Hira.

In 2021,  Christina and I published the challenge’s first collection under the umbrella of The JAR Writers’ Collective, followed by a second collection Forbidden | Delight in 2022.

From the 2022 press release:

“If someone had told me back in 2013 a silly dare would have a life-span of ten years, I wouldn’t have believed them,” said Jodi, who is publishing daily poems on Patreon. “In the beginning, we were just throwing words down. Not much has changed in ten years. There is something in the permission to not take it too seriously, of creating in a limited space, and doing it with others, which makes it magnetic and possible.”

This year PINP22 embraces the theme: forbidden | delight.

“The blank page offers a home for all those forbidden pieces of ourselves” said Christina, whose black-out poetry is also available via Patreon. “I look forward to post-it note poetry every year as it is a chance to explore another imperfect rendering of myself and collectively witness and delight in each other’s creativity.”

Download The Collections

Download “Forbidden | Delight'” (2020)








Download “Post-It Note Poetry, Volume 1” (2021)



The philosophy behind Post-It Note Poetry is simple:

    1. To encourage people of all skills sets and persuasions to explore and have fun with poetry – whether they are seasoned poets or curious souls attempting poetry for the first time.
    1. To create within a confined physical space (the size of a post-it note) as a positive limitation. It is also a way of making poetry composition possible for 28 consecutive days.
    1. To come together once a year as a community to write, read, share and amplify the joy of poetry.

The Rules

The rules are simple for those who’d like to play along at home (at work, on the bus or in any of those in between places perfect for scribbling poetic words on small squares of sticky paper).

    • Write/build/create a poem every day of February*
    • Poems must fit on a post-it note (or be an equivalent sized poem – ie. no more than 8 lines on a larger backing).
    • Poems must adhere to the original light-hearted spirit of permission to write badly – in which poems can tackle serious content, but internal editors/critics all get a break over February.
    • Post poems to social media with the hashtag #PINP21
    • Follow the hashtag and enjoy what others are creating.

*or as many days as feels comfortable and capable for you.

A Poetic Trajectory

Here is how I began Post-It Note Poetry back in 2013 and how I ended it in 2022.