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“Jodi’s reading delivered wisdom with warmth and humour. It opened doors I thought were closed .” ~ Elizabeth

“There are few people who can hold a non-judgemental space, in such a loving and gentle way, like Jodi can.” ~ Cath

“A life-changing experience.” ~ Jenny

“After my daughter, the best gift I’ve ever given myself.”  ~ Carrie

I offer tarot specific sessions several times a year:

Nov-Feb for Threshold Readings and Year Openers

June for Empress Readings

All other sessions are offered as Depth Sessions with my unique blend of tarot, storytelling, intuitive downloads and coaching.



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- Saturday
10:00 – 8:00pm (AEST/ GMT+10)

If you are in a time zone that does not easily fit with my opening hours, use the contact form below and we can arrange something.

Thresholds/ Year Opening Readings

This is a two-part reading designed for the cusp that divides the end of one year and the beginning of a new year. A month is recommended between readings and early bookings are recommended for the end of the calendar year.

These readings can be done as a package (with a discount) or accessed  as stand-alone readings.

Thresholds deconstructs the year, offering insights into repeating themes and patterns, the peak experiences and growth points. Where applicable, tools and processes are offered to assist in cutting cords with the year that was.

Year Opening casts ahead for the possibilities of new year , looking for themes and unfolding stories. Where applicable tools and processes are offered to assist in grounding the desired pathways for the year that will be.

These multi-card readings are approximately 90 minutes long

    • Single reading A$150.00
    • 2-reading package (A$290.00)


Gift Certificates

Jupiter Gift Certificate ($150)

Venus Gift Certificate ($100)

Mercury Gift Certificate ($50)

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