As A Coach

I am a bridge between worlds.

My super power is words.

My passion is creative reinvention.

My central question is: what if?

I assist people to re-author the stories of themselves and their lives.

I combine life coaching and tarot to excavate the shadows, deconstruct stories and spark new beginnings.

When you work with me you get:

Traction and momentum out of where you are stuck or trapped.

Clarity about who you are now and who you want to become.

An understanding of what’s at the heart of your situation and what you actually desire.

Liberation from old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Space and skills to conceive a renewed self and a best/favourite life.

Practical tools and processes to facilitate and anchor the shift.



I’ve initiated countless beginnings and navigated the ecstasy and despair that comes with them. I’m ready to walk the path with you.

I’m here to welcome  who your imagination creates when it considers the next greatest (r)evolution of you.

I’d love to know where you’re aching for a fresh start.

Let’s spark this beginning together.

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