Diversity Statement

I acknowledge the Turrbal people as the Traditional Owners of the place where I live and work. I pay respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging, to all Indigenous members of my local community, and to the First Nations peoples of the world.

As a straight, able-bodied, CIS, white woman, my life’s work is unearthing my blind spots to better understand and action concepts around diversity, inclusion and cultural competency.

I am aware of white-body supremacy as the dominant cultural paradigm of the west and my privilege within it. I acknowledgment my responsibility to challenge and dismantle it, beginning with how it resides in my body, then to envision and help build a white culture divorced from supremacy ideology and structures.

I celebrate your uniqueness. I embrace and value your perspective and journey. I trust that you are always the expert of your experience.

Your journey is your own, and while I may not always understand it, I will respect your path because everyone’s is sacred. If I misstep and get it wrong in session, I welcome you pulling me up. I will  listen without judgment and  course-correct immediately.

I am committed to being in a settled body in our shared spaces and to create a safe place for you.

Here you will be held with respect and love. You will be supported as an individual who is already whole, incredible and valued.