Why We Need the Self Replenishment Reframe

I’ve spent  a year poking at self care, interrogating the language and framework embedded in — trying to work out why my skin crawled every time I read “self care” or someone mentioned it. There was such a disconnect because I knew from first hand experience the efficacy and potency of all the individual practices that fall under the umbrella of self care. I’d used them for 13 months to help rehabilitate an overwrought nervous system from a state of 24-hour panic into calm wholeness, stability and strength.

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Everything That’s Wrong With The Language of Self Care

Ask a woman to engage in self care and her first thought is: “Fuck! Another person to take care of.”

The online Oxford dictionary associates care with the words safekeeping, supervision, custody, charge and keeping.

Care is what we provide to the young, elderly, sick, vulnerable, disenfranchised and at-risk.

Self care is a language of brokenness, illness, fragility, disempowerment and not-enoughness.

Self care is the process we begin when we find ourselves in states of chronic stress, perpetual exhaustion,  burnt out and overwhelmed.

Self care is the reactive repair/fix protocol that comes next.

Or as one friend: self care is the performance management that comes when you become unreliable and that unreliability begins to impact those around you. Suddenly self care is the thing you must to do to fix the situation of you.

Self Replenishment As An Essential Pivot

Using self replenishment as a replacement term this year, I experienced tending to my needs as an act of being filled up, powered by spark and excitement, rather than as drudgery and yet more grind work. Embracing nourishment and nurturing, I was able to be proactive about my wellness in a brand new way.

The multi-faceted concept of self replenishment offers a flexible, responsive and adaptive framework that meets everyone exactly where they are by providing multiple entry points.

For me, moving out of the emergency mode and into a truly forward facing direction, self replenishment offers me a brand new way of exploring and experimenting, ensuring I am filled all the way up, as I move out into the world.

Welcome, I’m So Glad You’re Still Here

I’ve been talking to anyone who would listen to me about self replenishment since September equinox — clients and friends alike. But that’s not enough. I wanted to you, and your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. So, on the 29th December I gave my first Phoenix Salon where l went deep into a language and framework which I believe is what our bodies, minds, hearts and souls have been yearning.

Be part of the self replenishment reframe rebellion.

Say yes to you and being whole. Filled to overflowing. Because this is the true change the world needs right now.

Share this page with your family and friends. Share it with you colleagues and neighbours.

Let this new knowing ripple far and wide across the world.

Jodi xxx

Phoenix Salon #1: Why We Need the  Self Replenishment Reframe


Just watched your chat!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!! Hit so hard and landed beautifully, thank you ☺️😘❤️


Thanks so much for the talk on self replenishment today Jodi, am still finding myself reflecting on your words ☺️


That was such a great session this morning!! Thank you for the connection, my day feels full. 💖💖💖

That was amazing! Thank you so much for your beautiful word smithing. The empowerment and enlighten aspects of chat was wonderful! I can see the prophylactic way of self replenishment. To support our cup all the way through its ebb and flow of being full. But that constant commitment to replenish self to sit at overflowing. You have given me so much to think about and I am now armed with appropriate wording and empowered language. 


Podcasts Mentioned in the Salon

Burn Out and Completing the Stress Cycle – Brené Brown, Emily and Amelia Nagoski

Finding Joy and Connection in the Midst of Struggle –  Brené Brown with Karen Walrond.