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The Starling Requiem

Anikó has a new life as an author, supported for a year by a meager grant. By day, she writes the novel the Government commissioned. By night, she writes a novel the Government would never endorse.

To stave off loneliness and hunger, she joins a study mapping the neural pathways of narratives, and it is there, in the Science Partition, she meets the enigmatic and paranoid E.

When E goes missing, Anikó is forced to walk the liminal space between her old life and new to find him. The search unearths cutting-edge, pre-revolution technology that promises both resurrection and revolt in the real and imagined worlds.

Shortlisted in 2018 for best science fiction novella (Aurealis Awards)


The Starling Requiem PDF

The Staring Requieum epub (You many need an e-reader extension for your browser such as this for firefox)

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Shades of Paradox

Created for The Daily Breath poetry subscription, the poems for May and June bridged the early months of the 2020 Covid lockdown and  Black Lives Matter protests. Making these poems kept me afloat at a time when I considered whether I actually wanted to stay earthbound.

The words are cut from Jeanette Winterson’s Art and Lies, with Kaolin Fire’s photos of Oakland and Berkley (the original inspiration for project)

These poems are intended for bibliomancy. Hold a question or situation in your head and choose a number from 1 to 31 or randomly scroll to a page.


Shades of Paradox PDF

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