Depth Work

Depth Work in my universe is a unique synthesis of storytelling, tarot, coaching and intuitive downloads.

My depth sessions are the most intimate spaces I offer to clients and are best experienced first hand.

Here you access the seamless braid of my three voices  — the depth worker, wayshower and word witch.


Depth work is:

      • slow work
      • inner facing
      • an alchemy of self and soul
      • often devoid of a tangible external “goal” or trajectory

Depth work allows you to focus on one (or several) tender points in your life and unfold them in a slow, nurturing and supported place. I say it is like having therapy with a witch but it’s not therapy and I’m not that kind of witch.


From June 1st until July 31st all sessions are priced according to what you can afford to pay with a Choose Your Price Point. Acuity will allow you to choose your payment amount through Square processing.

Dip a toe in my ocean and experience Depth Work with me. These get to know you calls are free 25 minute sessions.
Come Dip Your Toe In

Shorts (60 minute) Sessions — A$100.00
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Long (90 minute) Session — A$150.00
Book a Long Session

Book a Season of Sessions — A$420.00
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Tuesday – Saturday
12:00 – 8:00pm (AEST/ GMT+10)

If you are in a time zone that does not easily fit with my opening hours, use the contact form below  and we can arrange something.


Unfolding over the 2023 (Southern) Winter Year…

The Poetry of You

The journey below the surface looks different for everyone one. There’s no prescriptive “how to” and that’s what makes it both exhilarating and trepidatious.

I offer a 12- or 24-week container, between March and September, to deepen your relationship with yourself, your internal guidance system and your magick.

You get to draw on:

✨ my perspective (mundane and magickal)
✨ a unique synthesis of tarot, storytelling, intuitive downloads and coaching
✨ a vast and diverse toolbox of practical skills and processes
✨ my devotion and respect of the deep
✨ and my love of, and commitment to, collaborative exploration and blooming

With a flexible structure and myself as SCUBA buddy, wise woman and fellow traveller, we dare to go deep together.

Learn more here.