Confidentiality Policy

Even though coaching is not identified professionally or legally as psychological service, I have chosen the gold standard outlined in the 13 Privacy Principles of  The Privacy Act (1988) which covers those providing psychological service to operate in accordance with.

This includes a publicly available, clearly expressed and up-to-date policy about the management of personal and sensitive information.


Everything shared in session is held as confidential and will never be publicly or privately disclosed unless compelled to do so by subpoena under the relevant law.

You remain steward and sovereign holder of your stories and experiences, and as such, those stories and experiences remain under the providence of your sole control. In the rare case where your experience provides significant potential for learning and growth, I will approach you for written consent to share publicly in a way which protects your identity. You will have the final approval over the final form and content of what is shared. To that end, your story will never be used for marketing purposes or for my direct commercial or financial benefit.

All clients recordings are stored online, de-identified and available by unique download link for clients. These files are purged each month.

Only personal information directly relevant to the provision of a coaching service will be asked from clients, and this information will never be disclosed nor sold to a third party.

All written (digital and analogue) records will be de-identified and stored offline in a locked filing cabinet or in secure cloud location.

Reviewed as of Wednesday 21st September, 2022