What Is Coaching

I believe coaching is:

    • Proactive
    • Forward facing
    • Client-focused and driven
    • Collaborative

I also believe that coaching honours the shape and influence of the past.

As a coach I:

Invite you to talk, a lot. About yourself. Your circumstances. Your dreams and desires. Your pain. What you’d like to change. I believe you are the expert of your experience and are therefore poised to be the change agent in your life.

I ask questions to help you dive deeper into places you may not be aware of. Questions are my super power.

Hold space for you — emotional and energetic. Making our time together a safe space is my utmost priority.

Witness you. This means non-judgement, 100% presence all session, every session.

Will be your accountability person, if that is what you are looking for. But I do so gently and with grace, knowing that change can be hard fought for and easily lost. And that as humans on an evolutionary course with ourselves, we are always doing the best we can on any given day.

Encourage small changes, compounding over time. Slow, incremental change is my go-to coaching tool.

I don’t dive right into coaching. I want you to be in the best position to effect real and sustained change in your life. This might mean a session or two dedicated to exploring self replenishment, as many of us run our lives on diminished personal resources, or in perpetual deficit. I want you to have the resources (mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual) to initiate and sustain the changes you’re here to make.

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I advocate for, as part of my practice:

      • Being part of a team of professional healers
      • Self-replenishment, which includes self-healing, self-tending and boundaries
      • Nervous system care and maintenance
      • Rest
      • Small incremental change
      • Shadow work
      • Self- and soul- inquiry
      • Emotional awareness and emotional literacy
      • Narrative rewriting and identity shifting
      • Magick and energy work
      • Tools such as journalling, meditation and tarot