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Welcome to the world of Ella-Louise and Jakob.

Here is a taste of What I Left to Forget*, the prequel to Postmarked Piper’s Reach.

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Working Melbourne’s live-music scene as an undercover officer brings Ella-Louise Wilson one step closer to the hallowed Drug Squad. But crossing paths with grunge heroes Soul Monkey Momento resurrects a life she let go of after her mother’s fatal overdose. When an oversight puts her on the wrong foot with the task force boss, she adopts her alias, Charlotte Mackay, and becomes the band’s photographer.

Returning to hometown Melbourne to find a new sound, Jakob de Brito is steeled for the past catching with him. What he doesn’t expect is Charlotte Mackay and her quiet intensity. Through her lens he starts to consider who he he might be, with or without his band.

Police work and band life collide during the investigation of a potentially violent fan. Maintaining her double life falters as an illicit relationship with Jakob ignites then intensities. When he hears her sing for the first time, everything she ever wanted might just be within her reach. But when unwanted press brings the past to their doorstep, there’s more on the line than their careers.

Can they build a shared future despite the lies and secrets or will they pay the ultimate price for past mistakes?

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Chapter One

Interlude One



Here is a little of the music which helped to shape the world of Ella-Louise and Jakob.

Songs for Ella-Louise (via Spotify)

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