In The Words of Others

The final hurrah is in the hands of others — wiser than me with their thoughts and wisdom.

On Stories, Wounds and the Underworld

Dr Martin Shaw, Scatterlings

“For many of us, wound means truth. In a sugared world, holding your gaze to something broken, bereft, or damaged seems like the deepest position we can take. We see this way of thinking move all the way through the modern arts. It’s what gets the big grants. Myths say no, that the deepest position is the taking of that underworld information and allowing it to gestate into a lived wisdom that, by its expression, contains something generative.

The wound is part of a passage, not the end in itself. It can rattle, scream, and shout, but there has to be a tacit blessing at its core.

Many stories we are holding close right now have the scream but not the gift. It is an enormous seduction on the part of the West to suggest that jabbing your pen around in the debris of your pain is enough. It’s not. It’s a trick to keep you from doing something more useful. That’s uninitiated behaviour masquerading as wisdom. Lead is not gold, no matter how many times you shake it at the sun.”

On Working With Me and my Natal Pluto/Underworld Proclivities

Janette Dalgliesh, Life Coach and Planetary Magick Maven

“How amazing for your clients! Just by existing, you can unlock transformation in them – but in secret, from the hidden “back room” of your personal house.

And it happens in the context of 1:1 collaborative relationships that feel like a meeting of minds.

…the doorway in is like “oh here, let’s sit on the porch and have a chat about interesting things” but meanwhile the porch swing converts into a luxury monorail pod, taking them safely but inevitably into the underworld realms for a journey that might feel like death and rebirth for a moment – but eventually leads to more daylight than they knew existed.”

On the Number 7

Rebecca Scolnick, The Witch’s Book of Numbers

(7 — The Seeker) The number of spiritual journeying, divine mystery, and the esoteric is 7. It is the energy of deep questioning, careful analysis, faithful insights, meaning-making, and understanding. Answers are not promised, nor are they truly necessary, for 7 does its best work in the inquiry phase of things. The number 7 knows that the best questions lead to better questions. Its energy leads you down the rabbit hole and largely deals in the darkness, which can be experienced as devoid of life-force energy, but also as teeming with potential and fertile possibilities.

The energy of 7 can be intense and dogged … causing you to chew on the same idea for hours or repeatedly reread the same passage, waiting for the moment when the magic key unlocks the door to monumental understanding. When embodied, this energy has the potential to reveal and enlighten.

On What’s Surprising About Working with Me

Helen, Melbourne

“You’re not the bog standard tarot reader, and you’re willing to reframe super weird and wafty questions.

On The Old and New Existing Simultaneously and Repetition

Lauren Berlant, philospher

“…one of the hardest things to recognize…is that you are creating new spaces from within the old spaces without replacing them. This is the problem of the both/and:’ you don’t stop being in the world, but you also make other possibilities. And eventually those folds can become the reference if you allow them to take on some weight or if you can gather the resources with other people to make them.”

“…in order to look forward to life and have some access to objects to long for and that allow for pleasure, forms of life have to be built through repetition and return.”

On Working With Me

Carina Bissest, Author of Dead Girl, Driving and Other Devastations, Editor and Educator

“As an editor and educator, I’m used to helping writers move past fear of failure and other creative blocks, but when it comes to my own writing, that objectivity sometimes disappears. It was during one of those personal moments of darkness that I discovered Jodi Cleghorn and her depth work. Together we opened doors, discovered focus, and identified opportunities, all leading to a determined path to success. Her intuitive guidance leads to creative starts and self-discovery.”

On Becoming Real

Jessica Dore, Offering (28.01.24)

“Becoming real may be a practice that involves three things:slowing down enough to get clear on my wants and limits; trusting what arises through this slowing down as “accurate”; and knowing that what I want matters.”

On Working with Me

Bec, Melbourne

“Anyone ready to open themselves up to examining what they really feel and think and why, ought to see Jodi for a reading and benefit from her unique abilities and insights, delivered in her personable and empathetic style.”

On Heist Movies

Anne T. Donaghue, writing for Shondaland

“Because what I like in these heroes (or villains, whatever) are things  I’ve yet to fully embrace in myself. Heist movies, then, are a  much-needed reminder that it’s OK to be a little calculating, or to  dream big, or not to cower in the wake of confrontation. It’s OK to  reassure myself that I’m allowed to be colorful while existing in the realm of grey, and to find friends that bring out the best in me instead of those I can’t plan and plot with.

On Working With Me

Erin, Washington State

“Jodi offered gentle, probing questions which helped me understand this inner critic, giving a persona to an entity with so much influence in my life. She then offered language and imagery to dispel the narrator’s rationale and make her story’s failures evident.

I was coaxed out of the story enough to be open to challenging it, and from there shifts occurred. It is impossible to further a story I no longer believe in.”

In the classic closing words from my childhood: That’s all folks.

See you on the other side.

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