The Self Replenishment Diaries


On the 29th of December I gave a talk called The Self Replenishment Reframe where I talked about why we have such an aversion to self care and why using a different language (self replenishment) and a new framework with multiple entry points was a game changer for prioritising ourselves.

You can watch or listen to it here.

In short, the five parts of self replenishment reframe are:

    1. self fidelity (the not abandoning ourselves piece)
    2. replenishment as a word of empowerment, wholeness and wellness
    3. emergency triage (tending the nervous system)
    4. structures of tending (addressing the deficit in our allostatic budget and refilling)
    5. self replenishment (the overflowing piece related to peak experiences and the “hard work” of healing)

I speak of 3-5 as having porous edges, often blurring between themselves. I also not replenishment is both linear and non-linear in nature (without a regulated nervous system everything else becomes really fucking difficult to access!)

The Self Replenishment Diaries are my (probably imperfect) commitment to documenting this next leg of my journey across 2023 — to show how erratic and unpredictable tending, nourishing and nurturing yourself can be. To see if I can articulate what it feels like and what happens when that state of overflow arrives. To turn up for at least ten minutes a day to share what’s happened in my day from the self replenishment perspective.

As well as space to create a scrapbook of quotes, articles, additional resources and whatever else I come across as I get curious and start to use my framework to place others’ work into. (My final two days on Instagram were just incredible with serendipity serving up some really potent opportunities to situate the existing body of work within my framework).

Thanks for joining me here.

Jodi xxx