ReAuthored Life Tarot Journal

**Try the ReAuthored Life Mini in August**

The ReAuthored Life is the latest incarnation of my on-going commitment to create self-directed tools for deep soul inquiry and personal evolution via the tarot.

The ReAuthored Life began life as The Lyrical Songbook at the end of 2017 and was my attempt at creating a tarot resources which tapped into the calendar, lunar and solar months.

Originally, inspired and shaped by astrology, it has embraced everything from narrative therapy to core values in the last four years. I am excited to see what it will evolve into in 2022, its 5th year, as it merges with my ongoing studies as a life coach and continuing exploration of the energetic/spiritual side of my life.

The ReAuthored Life is a 30+ page monthly tarot journal that includes spreads for: * the calendar month * dark, new and full moons * astrological months * working with venus It also includes spreads (where relevant) associated with the equinox and solstice, start and end of the year and tool box spreads such as my infamous ‘Phoenix Spread’.

Each month includes at least one unique spread that draws on the astrological weather. Additionally, journal pages for:

    • tracking projects and ideas
    • reviewing the month that was
    • tapping into the lunar energy

The ReAuthored Life is available by Patreon on the $10 Tarot Tier

UPDATE: I am taking a few months break from doing the tarot journal while I recover from Covid.

You can download a mini tarot journal for August here.