Why Winter/Depth Work Might Be For you

Just a few more days of me talking about Unseen, then I will gratefully retire the marketing words and pivot the focus to the thousands of other things I’m brimming to share with you.

Why would you consider being part of Unseen?

The speed, complexity and overwhelm of modern life doesn’t favour depth experiences.

The depth experiences available might only tiny pockets of time, asynchronous with the usual flow (or log-jam) of your life.

Gifting yourself a depth “year” is often life changing — but in gentle and incremental ways. Often in ways you can’t predict the outcome of when you begin.

Being part of Unseen will give you a depth experience (and some) by providing an anchor for six months of self inquiry and reclamation. A point to return to each week. A rich and evocative structure. And, people just like you, on the same journey.

What else can I tell you about it?

📢 Winter/depth work calls to you. (It’s like a future version of yourself is trying to get your attention to know this is the way to meet her/them.)

🐶 The idea won’t leave you alone once you know it exists (when I first learned about a depth year at the end of 2021 there was no denying diving into it).

😒 There’s a low level dissatisfaction that you can’t quite articulate the origin of. (Especially because for the most part your life looks and feels and flow, pretty well.)

💭 You want to know yourself better and need a shape and structure, plus a beginning and end point, to you keep turning up to explore. (Let someone else think out the big structural stuff so you can just do the bit that interests you, the journeying.)

🧩 A part of you is missing and you’re not sure what part is missing. (This is particularly pertinent this year, as we go into the underworld to find bits of us which has been lost/forgotten/exiled/silenced).

🦄 Meaning making and stories are your jam. (The whole container is embedded in story and we a nerds when it comes to making meaning on our own terms.)

🔮🧱You want an intersection of the energetic, spiritual, tangible and practical. (All my work is anchored in the physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual with a heavy emphasis on things have practical application — otherwise, honestly, we are just wasting our time.)

❤️‍🔥 You’re a huge fan of my work and love the idea of six months with me. (And guess what, I am also a huge fan of you and the idea of six months with you is delightful.)

Plus — you’d love to have one of the villain era badges (because yes, everyone who signs up this year gets one.)

What you can expect

The first two months we work with Inanna — identifying and shedding.

The middle two months we with work with Persephone — seeking and reclaiming.

The final two months we work with Psyche — exploring and integrating.

There is no written content for Unseen.

The structure is flexible and adaptive.

There are weekly audio check ins via the Signal app, fortnightly group calls on Saturday morning/Friday evening.

AND … there’s just two and a bit more days to sign up and three more space available.

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