The Self Replenishment Download


Here is the audio and video from the first Phoenix Salon: Why We Need the Self Replenishment Reframe.

Be part of the self replenishment reframe rebellion.

Share it with your family and friends. Share it with you colleagues and neighbours.

Say yes to you and being whole; filled to overflowing. This is the true change the world needs right now.

Jodi xxx


00:00    Introduction
00:45    The Phoenix Salons
02:43     My Background – Cycles of Crash and Burn
08:43     Primers for the Idea of Self Replenishment
14:33     The Five Components of Self Replenishment
15:51      Component 1: Self Fidelity
18:00     Component 2: Words Carry Stories (care vs replenishment)
24:24     Component 3: Emergency Triage (the nervous system)
30:00    Component 4: Tending Structures (allostatic load and refilling)
38:00    Sifting To Flowing Over (Brené Brown and Karen Walrond)
39:30    Component 5A: Self Replenishment (digging the well deeper)
39:30    Component 5B: Self Replenishment (peak experiences)
45:30    Exploring the Social Aspects
49:30    How Self Replenishment Changes Things (a person story)
52:30    Questions, comments and Final Remarks

Podcasts Mentioned in the Salon

Burn Out and Completing the Stress Cycle – Brene Brown, Emily and Amelia Nagoski

Finding Joy and Connection in the Midst of Struggle –  Brene Brown with Karen Walrond.